January 11, 2008

Arab-Jewish Coexistence Kindergarten

Judith's email from Jerusalem sparked the video idea
[Judith attached a sound recording, and wrote:] Forget all the dark things in the news about the ME [Middle East]. This recording of my friend's nephew's little girls, Shir and Shaked, outshines them all. They go to a Jewish-Arab kindergarten in Beersheba [in Israel's Negev desert] and recorded a version of Put your hands on your head in Arabic, Hebrew, and English (in that order). Her nephew is on keyboard.

Thought you would like it. You can put it on your blog, with proper recognition of the artists!

Building around the sound recording

Enchanted by their tender voices, especially the giggling, I imagined the unseen singers in the recording (and their kindergarten fellows) looking quite like their counterparts in my world. So I matched the Arabic verses with photos of my Israeli Arab friends; the Hebrew verses, with Israeli Jewish friends and family; and the English, with American friends (Catholics, Jews, Methodists, and Protestants). Thanks to Nizo's transliteration, you could follow (if you could...) one-third, two-thirds, or all the text.

Remembering Asher Green with love
I dedicate this post and video to the memory of Asher Green (whose mother forwarded the sound recording). Asher's multiple talents and adventurous spirit led him to study at the Institute for Culinary Education in New York City. He had also studied stage design in London, and film and art in Jerusalem. Asher was planning to volunteer in Southeast Asia as part of a project to teach street children restaurant skills. He had hoped to open a similar program in Jerusalem for low-income Israeli and Palestinian teens.

אשר בן יהודית וג'ף. יהי זכרו ברוך
Asher ben Yehudit v'Jeff. Yehi zichro barukh.
Asher, son of Judith and Jeff. May his memory be a blessing.


Anonymous said...

i love your video! the pictures are great and i love how it changes languages. also , i love how you have pictures of me in it and how the music is kids singing.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Beautiful! Why doesn't the news media report things like this I wonder. I've never underestimated the power of images. You place it here on your blog. It is making a much needed difference by challenging a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Comment via email Q&A with Tamar (Me)

ME: What did you think of my current post and video? Truth, please.
HE: Have I ever lied to you? I liked it, though I didn't like the music.

ME: Did you sing that song when you were in gan [kindergarten]?
HE: Of course. all the time. That's how they teach kids here where their head is. They tend to forget it as adults, though.

judith said...

Thank you so much, Tamar, for finding the beauty in this and continuing to be such a good friend to Asher.