November 07, 2011

In Tel Aviv: Levinsky Park

Levinsky Park is a hub of activity
Thanks to massive efforts in and around this patch of green between the sketchy, rundown Neve Shaanan neighborhood and the Central Bus Station, many low-income and impoverished Israelis, undocumented workers, refugees, and asylum seekers can obtain token basic services. As a rule, nongovernmental and volunteer humanitarian organizations offer food, shelter, childcare, legal advice, and health care. Area adults and children can enjoy, too, nurturing facilities — a multilingual library, playground, and basketball court that often lift their spirits and fuel their hopes for solutions to ostensibly intransigent human problems.

Watch the video (6:45 minutes).

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Anonymous said...

Nice video- part of Israel that I didn't know they exist...

Anonymous said...

woow!! interesting video, good job Tamar!!


Anonymous said...

Once again, awesome work Tamar!!! Loved the video!

Yehudith said...

Dear Tamar,

Very nice video

Love, Yehudith

Anonymous said...

Shalom Tami,

I saw the video. I think it is very good, very well done. I have never known about the Levinsky park. I really know nothing about Tel Aviv.

Shabbat Shalom,

stefan said...

very interesting video of tel aviv's multi ethnic south. well done!

Joyce said...

I LOVE your blogs and videos!!!! I loved this park one and all that's happening there with the refugees.