February 27, 2011

Dr. David Lloyd earns my kitty's loudest purrs

Dr. David Lloyd communing with Mica
 while managing her heath care

While I have long attempted in my real-time conversations to practice "hakarat ha-tov" [Hebrew: recognizing and acknowledging what is positive and good], I began in 2006 to promote shamelessly on this blog, too, outstanding service providers (some, even oases of hope trumping ignorance, cynicism, and despair) with whom I engage in Israel. In this, my first post on outstanding providers in my other home, Atlanta, GA, I shamelessly promote Dr. David Lloyd, uber veterinarian.

When my cats (over the years) and I were done suffering dreadful experiences at the veterinary practice a distance of several minutes' walking from home, my friend Marlene suggested an alternative — albeit one that requires imposing on a neighbor-angel (thank you, Jonathan, Abby, and Hope) to pick up supplies or drive us the 20-minute trip.

The rest, as they say, is history. Following a recent emergency visit, on witnessing Dr. Lloyd's magic — consummate professionalism that he expresses in the most tender ways, one neighbor-angel and her dog, Cliffie, joined my exodus, having found the same promised land.

Dr. David Lloyd
North DeKalb Veterinary Clinic
2485 Lawrenceville Highway (near Druid Hills Road)
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 321-7756

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February 22, 2011

Atlanta's Craig Gilbert, Bhutanese, and Community Service Awards

Craig and Bhutanese weavers discuss logistics
of selling baskets during the reception to follow
Emory's Community Services Awards Ceremony

Craig Gilbert was among ten honorees at Emory University's 2011 annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Awards Ceremony. In his acceptance speech, Craig spoke of partnering with Atlanta's Bhutanese refugees, and the dreams of America (for his family, among millions of others) and of Dr. King.

Watch the video (3:52 minutes).

My related post about Craig and the CSA Award
2011 Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award honors Craig Gilbert