May 30, 2010

Smiling wide in Tel Aviv: My new dental implants

Dr. Shai Frankenthal and Sivan Amran, assistant

Don't you feel great just looking at this pair? He lives in Tel Aviv's suburban Givat Shmuel. She (her beauty is equal parts Yemeni and Turkish), shifted from office administrator back to dental assistant during the two-hour dental implant surgery so that I could squeeze her hands (my request). They are in Dr. Philip Kaplan's practice — ten minutes' walking distance from City Hall, and twice that from where I live.

For those who follow the fine points of dental implant surgery — 
  • Phase One: Four teeth were extracted and three implants were placed. 
  • Phase Two (early 2011): A permanent bridge will be anchored to the three implants, replacing five extracted teeth (one was extracted last year, when it broke). 
A removable "flipper" covers the... gaping... hole until Phase Two, when Dr. Kaplan begins the restoration work, and completes the implant process.

At the start of the surgery, Dr. Shai said, in Hebrew: You will be so happy with the results. What you had was a cat-as-tro-phah! I laughed my head off (mouth immobile, wide open).

This team joins Dr. Vicki Zaharov, internal medicine specialist, in a league of my own — outstanding Israeli health care professionals  whom I shamelessly promote.

Dr. Philip Kaplan
Dr. Shai Frankenthal
Zeitlin 25
Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone in Israel 03.696.0650
(from abroad ++972.3.696.0650)


Anonymous said...

One of the great things about you is how you express your appreciation of others!

Anonymous said...

say cheese and when are you coming home?

S said...

Wait a sec, Anonymous, I thought she IS at home. Here, in TLV.

Tamar Orvell said...

Yes, S[himon], she is at home in Tel Aviv and in the other place she calls home, Atlanta. She enjoys going through airport security too much to stay in one place. Today, for example, in Atlanta, the clerk ran a damp cloth across the underside of her laptop, then opened the laptop, and ran the cloth across the underside again. It was unnerving, and just the kind of Homeland Security little ritual she so enjoys, not.

Jane said...

Thanks Tamar,
Am so happy to hear it all went well and glad you shared the photo.....I have fond memories of the whole team, they've helped me through some difficult procedures with compassion and expertise.

Anonymous said...

She is being missed.

Philip Kaplan said...

great to hear from you
enjoy your summer

ד"ר שי פרנקנטל said...

הי תמר,
תודה רבה על המחמאות, אני שמח תמיד לראות מתרפאים שמחים,
את תמיד עם חיוך ואני מקווה שהחיים תמיד יהיו שמחים בשבילך,
קיץ נעים ומהנה גם לך, ונתראה בקרוב.
ד"ר שי פרנקנטל.

Chuck said...

I will be moving my American family to Tel Aviv in August, and am looking for a great dentist to do some implant work. Could anyone give me Dr. Kaplan's email address so that I can ask him a few questions?


Tamar Orvell said...

Chuck, please send an email to me: Micabear [at] yahoo [dot] com