February 23, 2017

In East Jerusalem: Rawdat El-Zuhur School

Majida, Randa, and I at Rawdat El-Zuhur School

I happily crossed a politically-charged line between West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem to bring blessings and love to Rawdat El-Zuhur School from dear friends Ame Kulu (Rev. Joyce Myers-Brown) and Mary Ellen Myers. Their Women’s Fellowship of Central Congregational UCC (United Church of Christ) in Atlanta, Georgia, has been sponsoring a student in the school since 2008 through UCC Global Ministries, which receives sponsor donations and distributes them to schools.

Founded in 1952 as an alternative to public education, this private school in East Jerusalem offers a culturally-appropriate vision, curriculum, and program to its Muslim and Christian students. Randa, the Sponsor Coordinator, introduced me to the principal, teachers, staff, and adorable Majida, whom the Fellowship is sponsoring through Grade 6 when she will graduate and transfer to another school.

Wall displays include children's art work, posters of alphabets (Arabic and English), and photos of the school's beginnings and a donor honor roll.

Photos of the school's beginnings

Pointing to [UCC] Global Ministries on the donor honor roll

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February 02, 2017

Mutasim Ali and Asaf Weitzen: 7 lessons from Israeli activists on how to fight for refugees‏

"Like the native among you shall be the sojourner who sojourns among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt." (Leviticus 19:34)
Strangers, or sojourners, are rightly under our protection because we are all strangers somewhere. In the biblical era, when strangers were under the protection of the gods, the inhabitants of Sodom defied the singular cultural importance of hospitality shared with other ancient civilizations, including Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. 
Listen to Mutasim Ali and Asaf Weitzen among the righteous in today's Sodom. (2.5 minutes)

"Outsider consciousness resides at the heart of Jewish identity." — Anish Kapoor, artist and social activist

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