July 23, 2007

What is going on?

Step 1. Press the > shape below the image.

Step 2. Enter your guess in the comments section.
A prize to the first person who answers correctly.


Sherry said...


littlepurplecow said...

You're morphing into a vlogger while ants are confiscating jelly beans from your kitchen.

I'm so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Creatures are doing the impossible because they do recognize the impossibility.


littlepurplecow said...

Here's new bit of hot pink bling for your blog. You're a Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Madeline said...

Gillen, my 9yo, thought they might be moving a ball, and then he decided it had wheels. He watches ants move things all of the time so I was surprised by his thinking. Things slide more smoothly on a floor than on old buckled cement or dirt, I guess. That was cool. I love the music. And I appreciate that you liked my blog music.

Vivi, age 9 said...

The ants are taking a puffball, (the thing used in crafts), in the first picture and a rock in the second.The ants look like a crab under the things.

Tamar Orvell said...

A prize to everyone who took Steps 1 and 2! You ALL win for TRYING. And the amazing part is that each answer, whether a literal description of the visual, an idea about it, or a philosophy on the ways of creatures is correct.

Here is what prompted me to wonder, "What is going on?" I had just stepped out of the kitchen (where my cat Mica's food bowl sits) into the front hall. I did a double-take on noticing a small moving object at my feet. Was this an animal? A poltergeist? My imagination? For a nanosecond, I felt fear.

I stooped for a closeup: A team of ants was stealing a dried food pellet from Mica's bowl! The ants, in a seemingly impossible feat, were moving a bigger and heavier object than the entire team!

I grabbed my digital camera and set it to video mode while the crab-like configuration — ants and food pellet, slid toward the front door at high speed. (The scene had the appearance of beating a hasty exit before the theft would be discovered.)

The change in colors between the start and finish of the visual is the result of my first shooting in flash mode, and then without flash (and this way revealing the more accurate colors).

The music? A popular Israeli song:

אין לי ארץ אחרת
גם אם אדמתי בוערת
רק מילה בעברית חודרת
אל עורקי אל נשמתי
בגוף כואב
בלב רעב
כאן הוא ביתי.

לא אשתוק כי ארצי
שינתה את פניה
לא אוותר לה אזכיר לה
ואשיר כאן באוזניה
עד שתפקח את עיניה.

I have no other country
even if my land is aflame
Just a word in Hebrew
pierces my veins and my soul -
With a painful body, with a hungry heart,
Here is my home.

I will not stay silent because my country changed her face.
I will not give up reminding her
And sing in her ears
until she will open her eyes.