August 30, 2007

atlanta craigslist > housing wanted (part 2)

staying with relative since i got back from iraq but she lives middle of nowhere snellville...

i had more fun in iraq. this place sucks... need a break

Less than three weeks ago, I posted atlanta craigslist > housing wanted to share — no, really more to cry out — my horror and sorrow on reading the ad of a fellow's exquisite pain on being rejected as a candidate for housing on account of the color of his skin. (Craigslist, the mother of all online urban communities, is among many ways and places I advertise to sublet my home . . . and comb ads of housing seekers while I live the next months in Tel Aviv.)

Visitors who read that post and left comments resonated with what the housing seeker spoke to — injustice, unfairness, violence, and cruelty we witness (and, sometimes even perpetrate) in our society.

Yet I don't know what to make of the advertiser who identifies himself as military male, the human being who wrote: i had more fun in iraq.
  • What kind of a military or civilian person, male or female imagines this perversion?
  • What kind of life has he lived that shaped the sentence: i had more fun in iraq?
  • What was he doing in Iraq? Where is he going?
  • What is the USA doing in Iraq? Where are we going?
  • What can I do to help stop this obscene war, expose the vulgarity of the enterprise, push back the dogged ignorance, greed, hell-bent arrogance, and mean spirit of its champions, decision-makers, and cannon fodder — destroying a country, and calling it fun?


Shimon said...

I wouldn't sublet my home to that person. He or she (I suppose He would be the right answer) may kill you cat, just for fun. BTW I'm moving to Jerusalem next week and can't wait for you to come visit.

Tamar Orvell said...

Shimon — Yes, he is a he. Of course, ignorance, prejudice, and bile are equal opportunity plagues, attacking any gender, nation, race, religion, identify or affiliation. And, coming on the Jewish High Holy Days, a period of introspection and examining of our relationships and behaviors, it would be dishonest to exclude myself from susceptibility to these equal opportunity plagues.

On a less somber note, I look forward to visiting w you in your new Jerusalem digs after the New Year!