November 11, 2007

My grandmother's amber pin. Snow in Vienna and Jerusalem. (Yes, the subjects connect.)

Wearing my grandmother's amber pin
while embracing fabulous cousin Anat
at her family home in Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood

In his recent email, Vienna-based world traveler Stefan wrote, "We are on the way to Denmark on Sunday," to which I replied, "I have a magnificent amber pin (photo attached) that my maternal grandfather gave my grandmother when they lived in Copenhagen."

On Nov 11, 2007, at 1:57 PM, Stefan Schaden wrote:
Great amber pin! :)) Go and see Copenhagen (if you did not)! Wonderful city, modern, progressive. I can easily imagine living there! So interesting your cosmopolitan family [SNIP].

First snow in Vienna this morning, by now everything is gone, but you have pics attached.

shavua tov!

Stefan (who guest-blogged an Urgent Message on Austria's "sick people") wrote, "interesting your cosmopolitan family!" Yet I consider him family, too. While bloodline is one way to be family, and marriage confers family status, we also have family of choice: the one we populate with people we claim and who claim us.

On Nov 11, 2007, at 5:39 PM, Tamar Orvell wrote:
After I visit you in Vienna (this year?) and when you move to Copenhagen, I will visit you there, too. Your snow report reminds me of snows we trudged through together in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem snows
Stefan and I trudged through Hulda Hanevi-ah Street
and others in Jerusalem's Musrara neighborhood

Snow formed down quilts
blanketing roofs, balconies, and wrought-iron work

In the central-heat-free stone residence, I wondered,
"What about Stefan's pate? Will it freeze?"


Stefan said...

Dear Tamar,

we are family, i got all my sisters with me - you know the song for sure! ;)
even though there are hundres of miles between us, i have you with me! ;)
barush hashem that i have friends with me, around me :))

yes, i remember this snowy jerusalem very well. how can one forget? i was excited like a small child. and wet like a soaked shmate.

neshikot rabot

littlepurplecow said...

Love seeing the snow, though glad it is far from my backyard!

What a fabulous amber jewel. Family treasures such as this are so precious. I have my great grandmother's French brooch filled with little diamonds. I wore it to my mother's funeral and to my father's wedding and felt a sense of comfort and peace beneath it.

Madeline said...

Ooooo! Snow. I think I miss it until I really take a minute to remember living in it with a car that needed shoveling out. Without a car beautiful it must be to see it in Vienna. I love the necklace and the picture of you. you have such a good smile, Tamar.

Rurality said...

Brr, says the gal wearing her t-shirt as she types!

To answer your question about ladybugs:
The regular ladybug is wonderful and I think everyone has a soft spot for that one. But these are non-native insects that were brought in from Asia. They look like what we normally call ladybugs, but they're different. They smell bad and are invasive... and yep they bite... hard!

Anat said...

wow, i'm flattered...