December 20, 2010

James and the Giant Christmas Concert

James has turned nearly four-years-old since I first published this post in 2008. This year, he and his parents will celebrate Christmas with baby Grace. While the world James knows will keep changing, some things will remain constant, among them sacred time and humans' search for meaning.

Watching 22-month-old James at his first Christmas concert, I got an inkling of what my Christian friends might hold so dear especially this season: A child well loved as an embodiment of wonder, innocence, sweetness, light, hope, trust, confidence, and faith.

Fully present, James listened intently to the oddly pleasurable sounds, probably making sense of their relation to the performers on the dais. Paying perfect attention with his whole body, the elfin concertgoer sometimes moved his arms and legs in response. During one uninterrupted minute, I captured him sitting upright, crayons clutched in both hands, transfixed by the magic.

Watch the video (1:15 minutes).

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littlepurplecow said...

Sweetness. Music has the power to calm and stir the soul. Nice capture.

JeSais said...

may we all have such a sweet and magical holiday!

love to you and yours this season.

Beachdiary said...

when will you be posting again? :)