January 23, 2009

From Abby's place: Hail to the Chief!

Abby's evite to the
Inauguration-viewing brunch bunch

The scene: Abby's art-and-book-filled sunny home with to-die-for views.

The crowd:
A merry band of 32 adults, one middle-schooler, and three rescue dogs.

The gifts: One friend brought three vases bursting with yellow and red tulips. Another gave Abby an Obama Action Doll (shown in the photo) that she clutched tightly, posed with, and waved.

The activities:
FOAs (Friends of Abby) mingled, flowed — sometimes seemingly floating, always eating, usually transfixed at the Temples of CNN (headquartered in the living room) or PBS (my religion) in the den.

The mood:
Severally and together, bursts of joy, relief, disbelief, pride, oohs and ahhs, tears, smiles, shouts, laughs, human growls, and doggie speak.

The food: Oh, the food. And, those mimosas.

The call: The day after a national holiday — Happy birthday 2009, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., when America inaugurated its first African American President in an astonishing celebration, we were riveted to President Obama's call [transcript and video here] to embrace the hopes, challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities upon us.

Photo credit: Susan Walsh/Associated Press


Abby said...

What fun! I love the Blog piece..happy happy happy ...one correction...den TV was on MSNBC (not CNN)!

Anonymous said...

I know your government spends a lot of money buying off our leaders but in the end their still our leaders, not yours.

You have your own elections to worry about.

Tamar Orvell said...

Anonymous — You don't even at least identify your country when you say the USA (presumably) "government spends a lot of money buying off our leaders." I encourage you to lift your spirits and draw courage from what the USA has accomplished: imagined a better future and prevailed over cynicism, negativity, demonizing, and other-izing.