March 23, 2009

Rabbi Y.M. Lau on Purim in the Nazi camps

During the recent joyous open-air Purim celebration in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau spoke to the whimsically-costumed multigenerational crowd. At a pause in the Megilla reading, he described an amazing occurrence in a Nazi camp on Purim, and then drew parallels between the ancient Purim story and modern-day challenges.

Watch the video (6:08 minutes).

Note While Rabbi Lau speaks in Hebrew, I added occasional captions in English to guide non-Hebrew speakers.

I dedicate this post and video to dear friends Yehudit Liman (Tel Aviv) and Rabbi Dr. Michael Berger (Atlanta) whose enthusiasm for Rabbi Lau's depth and accessibility inspired my efforts.
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1 comment:

Stefan (now in Cracow) said...

its unbelievable and admirable!

kol hakavod lahem that they are so righteous in such conditions!!! i love it.