August 21, 2009

It's Elders For Health Care Reform Day

One hand rests on my dad's Israeli cousin Drora, and
the other holds a grapefruit from her garden.
Israeli citrus and
affordable universal health care
are helping
Drora to keep well. Americans need such care.

For more than five years, from the Portland, Oregon, condominium she shares with Ollie the Cat, Ronni Bennett has been championing sanity, honesty, integrity, fairness, fun, and bold-faced facts on her blog, Time Goes By: what it's really like to get older.

Today, Ronni, this American "evangelist for old people, intent on challenging the status quo in regard to elders, and to show what’s out of whack with our cultural attitudes toward aging," has done something special, even by her standards.

She has declared it Elders For Health Care Reform Day, and called all elderbloggers and allies to showcase essays by elders who have followed the American health care reform debate, who have informed themselves, and want to make a thoughtful contribution.

Visit the post, It's Elders For Health Care Reform Day, and from there, link to the essays. You'll find here a portal to facts, not myths, and access to real people's narratives, not special interest groups' marketing tactics and disinformation campaign slogans.

Then, bookmark Time Goes By, and come back for all this:

TGB is a complex mix of reporting on every aspect of aging: health and medical issues, ageism and age discrimination, media, technology, politics and public policy, culture, marketing to elders, the importance of language, love and sex, friendship, post-career careers, retirement, family, the prospect of death and, certainly, humor.
— Ronni Bennett

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