July 12, 2010

Cat(ting) around Tel Aviv

Laundromat residents (Achad Ha-am Street)

They laze around much, saving energy for essential tasks — chiefly, foraging for food. (In some tucked-away spots, at consistent times, neat people leave neat piles of dry edibles, a pile per cat). Other feline tasks include ducking traffic (human and machine), seeking shelter from prey, weather, and other irritants, and keeping good company.

Posing while napping
(aerial view of building rear, Angel Street)

"These creatures can teach us how to get along."
— South Tel Aviv resident (Wolfson Street)

Idling with cabbies who wait for their fares
(Shenkein Street)

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in a saddle."
— Winston Churchill (Balfour Street)

"Mish-mish [Hebrew: apricot] is missing.
Cash reward to the finder." (Balfour Street)


Anonymous said...

Cats people are better people!

Anonymous said...

It is as simple as this.My younger (when he was 12 yrs)found a stray cat and liked it.But he was not so sure what mama will say coz we had many already in the house.
He came running and asked my mama,if he can bring this cat home.
My mama reply was like this....
Go and get it.Might be starving.
A garden without a flower and a house without a cat is same.
To have a cat in the house is a source of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Lovely series. Mishmish was one of the first Hebrew words I learned!

miriam said...

I think you are a born writer, the cats are like cats, lovely, lovable creatures, high quality shots, good shabbes, love

sparrow said...

I just found you via Ilana Davita! I love this post, as a cat lover, I find Israel rather heart rending, as there are so many strays. The photo at the top of my blog was taken in the German Colony in Jerusalem. I call it "Ground Control to Major Tom". With warm greetings from NZ