January 17, 2012

Sam Cornish Remembers Dr. King and the Civil Rights Era

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With Boston's first poet laureate, Sam Cornish, and other educational advisors, I worked in the poorest neighborhoods of Greater Boston and in newly desegregated schools of rural North Carolina and Delaware. There, with teachers, administrators, and policymakers we created learner-centered curriculum development initiatives as part of the federally-supported "Great Society" broad agenda to eliminate poverty and racial injustice. Decades later, as I reflect on that era and the work I did then and since, this "war" was the single most meaningful, most useful, most important I fought (and keep fighting).


Anonymous said...

That is one powerful poem!

Rhonda said...

Thank you for these lovely and inspiring words. Yes, I do remember Sam.

JeSais said...

great poem! and even more important, great war! and one we must all keep fighting.