March 15, 2012

Hebrew Lesson: ‏‪כדרכו בקודש [ke-darko ba-kodesh, following his usual style]

Ruth reads The New Dictionary (Even-Shoshan) on ‏‪ke-darko ba-kodesh
A casual phrase in an email that Rabbi Dr. Michael Berger sent me triggered a lesson in Hebrew, Aramaic, and the wisdom of scholars and scholar-friends.‬

Watch the video (5:27 minutes), in Hebrew and bits of Aramaic and English.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm smarter now. Thanks, Tamar.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching it – I found myself answering her in the beginning, as she read from Even Shoshan, that it is negative, “not anymore! Now it has positive connotations as well!” – and you got there a minute or two later.
Thanks for following up.
Shabbat shalom

Anonymous said...


Very nice and interesting

Love, Yehudith