May 16, 2014

Listening to "Voices of Eritrean Refugees"

Last night, above a vegan restaurant in South Tel Aviv, I watched a real-life horror documentary in a gallery packed with Israelis, internationals, torture victims, the film director, and local aid organization workers. If every person would watch the prize-winning "Sound of Torture" maybe — just maybe we might shift from blaming terror victims to bringing to justice dictators, traffickers, and extortionists, and holding responsible individuals, governments, and organizations worldwide for stopping the living hell. In the film, I witnessed how cellphones are lifelines between rescuers and captive-hostages, and that rescuers suffer traumas, too.

You hit a dog in Sweden, and you go to jail for six months. And here I listen to people being tortured every hour. And the whole word is watching, doing nothing.  (Meron Estefanos, Swedish-Eritrean radio broadcaster)

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