May 26, 2015

With Rhonda Joy McLean: Savoring our reunion

With Rhonda Joy McLean at Oceana Restaurant in New York City
Celebrating decades of our special friendship launched leading Head Start Child Development Program teacher education workshops, from North Carolina and Delaware to Boston and Washington, DC.

Postscripts on Facebook

From Rhonda —
Darling Tammy, How wonderful to commune with you again after so many years! Thank you for being such a wonderful sister-friend and mentor. I continue to learn from and be inspired by your strength and courage. Be blessed as you move forward. Love Always, Rhonda Joy

From me —
Weeping has resumed on savoring our reunion of stretching back, catching up, and pondering shared or similar aims, nagging questions, and promising stances. Much love to you, your core peeps, and wide community!  

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