October 25, 2015

Normal Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.

# new photos of the child Ahmad Dawabsheh, however,
the settlers burned his father, mother, and [brother] baby Ali.
(Translated from the Arabic. Photo: Shehab News Agency)

Praise and blessings to this beautiful four-year-old survivor and gratitude to his team of loving family, devoted medical staff, loyal community, and dedicated volunteers — Muslim and Jew, local and worldwide.

The Jewish arsonists in the West Bank Palestinian village of Douma attack last July 31 have not been publically identified nor brought to justice. Nor have their homes been razed as is done to Palestinian terrorists. Exclusively military solutions, boycotts, grandstanding, denial, rockets, stabbings, scare tactics, brainwashing cannot end the obscene terrorism, violence, stabbings, and hate speech everywhere down the generations.  Dialog, listening, vision, courage, and compromise between and among political leaders, clergy, military, and other special interest groups can end the obscene terrorism.

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