February 14, 2016

In Tel Aviv: Along the shoreline to Yafo/Jaffa

The Mediterranean Sea peeking between me and Racheli (R)

Sunny Shabbat afternoon walking along the sea from TLV center to Yafo and back. 
  • Dogs chasing Frisbees all up and down the canine beach. 
  • Cats sunning. 
  • Toddler Belle in pink tights and giant grey headband. 
  • A one-man band. 
  • Riders on all kinds of wheels. 
  • Scents of the sea, Nargila (hookah) smoke, and Mangal (barbeque). 
  • Jews, Arabs, Tibetan monks, missionaries, tourists, African refugees, singles, couples, families, sandcastle builders, sunbathers, and fishermen speaking Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, French, and languages unidentified. 

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