May 29, 2017

African asylum-seeking community represented in Tel Aviv Museum of Art exhibition

Curator-guide Ruti Director with Darfurians Taj Jemy and Idris Korni

Following the tour (Hebrew) of "Regarding Africa: Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism," Taj Jemy,  Idris Korni, and curator-guide Ruti Direktor share visions for engaging the African asylum-seeking community and Israeli artists in mutually rewarding partnerships.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art exhibition is a multimedia prism reflecting sub-Saharan African post-colonial realities and visions; and, aspects of the imagination, fantasy, and reality of the south Tel Aviv African asylum-seeking community.

Click Artists to view images of paintings, sculptures, photographs, architectural models, and videos. Click each image to learn about the artist and view their other works.

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