March 19, 2007

PodCamp Atlanta — I was there

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I'm learning a lot about social media these days. I just previewed here the BlogHer Business 07 conference I'll be participating in later this week in NYC, and now I'm reviewing PodCamp Atlanta, an unconference I participated in this past weekend! With such deep and wide immersion in the hands-on conversation on new media and the power of the Internet, I hope to upgrade my geek skills if not my social skills!

I got interested in podcasts when I ran out of excuses to exercise (read: walk). I reasoned, if I could listen to some of my favorite NPR radio talk programs, especially the interviews anytime, anywhere I could theoretically walk briskly an hour without aching to quit! So I asked Ariel, an Israeli friend who is an uber online deal finder to locate an iPod at a great price. He, more than half my age, demanded to know, "Do you want to be cool or do you want to listen to podcasts?" Not stopping for an answer, he shoved a small blue device and earphones in my hands. "Here, use my [under $60] Mp3 player, and let me know in a week whether you still need an iPod." (Since then, I have upgraded one time the same device, same brand to hold more podcasts.)

When not exercising;-) I've been blogging and discovering on some others' blogs the occasional podcast (and video). Hmm, if I only I could create and then embed one of these media files into my blog to convey a message in the most effective way! When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Enter PodCamp Atlanta: A two-day camp that didn't require name tags sewn on my clothes nor sleeping in a bunk or tent. Fellow camper-participants included more than 150 podcasters, listeners, bloggers, readers, and sponsors. Most of the professors, students, small business owners, freelancers, full-time employees, retirees, community organizers, and the one baby and dog came from local places. While most participants arrived at the Emory University Alumni House venue from greater metropolitan Atlanta (I drove seven minutes from my home, a record commute!), others came from points southeast (Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, as examples), the north (Pennsylvania), and midwest (Ohio).

Whether participants arrived late, left early, could only participate in one session at the same time, or want to revisit a session, they (and anyone else) can listen to session podcast versions listed in this aptly named link, What would PodCamp Atlanta be without podcasts?

Check out this set of randomly-selected PodCamp Atlanta reviews. Live bloggers, early risers, and otherwise generous and talented participants wrote them:
Last, what's a blog post without a picture? Shown below, four folks discover over lunch (choose one: grilled salmon, crab cakes, or chicken teriyaki) that they share a profound admiration and affection for George Kelly! Three had met George at a new media conference, and one, though he never met George, designed one of his blogs! Everyone spoke of George's selflessness and generosity: "He picked me up, a virtual friend in cyberspace and now a fellow conference participant at the airport, drove around for some sightseeing, and bought lunch"; "He made available his Mac power cord when I was on 'low' with no cord on hand"; and "He offered to share his hotel room when my funds were low." All agreed that probably George's greatest gift is his energy “which soothes the frantic and restores to zapped souls: sanity, serenity, or both." George. You rock, and we love you.

George Kelly Fan Club (Atlanta chapter)
top row: J and Tiffany; bottom: Tamar and Karsh


j. brotherlove said...

We're one big family!

George said...

*sniff* :-)

littlepurplecow said...

Love it. George, we'll be looking for you next year.

Tamar said...

Hey, brother j, fellow fan of George! You put a smile on my face day one of the conference. Your decision making approach models a way to resist chaos, and your blog reflects a similar profound simplicity.

George, fan club object — may your actions and attitudes continue to help light the way even as you lighten your fellows' loads.

Steph, if not for you, clad in your line-green jacket, we would not all have decamped to such a palace, drinking the finest joe, and remembering St. Patrick on his day.

Anonymous said...

I wanna be a blogger too!

JeSais said...

check out the M-Audio portable hand held digital recorder. It has a flash memory card and USB connection to drag and drop files to your computer for editing. Great fun. I'm just learning myself.