April 01, 2007

Warmest holiday greetings

To all who celebrate Passover, Easter, and the Prophet Muhammad's birthday,

During this season of the blessings of birth, rebirth, freedom, and hope, may we and all peoples dig deep within ourselves and our communities to learn our histories, teachings, customs, and traditions.

And in so doing, may we find understanding, compassion, and empathy — for ourselves and every "other." And in this process, may we pursue peace with our neighbors and justice for all, vigorously and relentlessly.

(Photo of Niki de Phalle's sculpture of Louis Armstrong in the exhibit
"Niki in the Garden" at the
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 2006)

1 comment:

TherapyDoc said...

What a wonderful idea. We're always so drawn to what's different and yet most people don't know nearly enough about their own heritage.