September 29, 2008

Israelis for Obama

In this three-minute video, among the talking heads — the woman at the Wall I have worked with; the former deputy speaker of the knesset I went to grade school with. Israelis for Obama: Seeking peace and pursuing it vigorously, within and without.

Love from me,
an Israeli-American for Obama

Update | Bearing in mind the video message and target audience, in the interest of discussion, see Israelis for Obama - Now, the Movie and Israeli generals duped into supporting Obama. Check out the comments following each post, too.


Anonymous said...

I was moved by the Obama promo and emailed the link to others. What a response. Dozens of emails back with deep and opposing convictions. I am convinced that there is not one answer to the world's problems and that the multitude of problems pose an unfathomable challenge to the next president. As Adlai Stevenson said about the presidency, "... the burdens of that office stagger the imagination. Its potential for good or evil now and in the years of our lives smothers exultation and converts vanity to prayer." It is not without trepidation that I support Obama.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would share some comments on the video which I got from my email blast. [My comments in square brackets]

Please take me off your Obama distribution list...Thanks.

thanks for the link. It gave me chills. [good chills I believe]

I hope you will change your mind.

I love, good-looking, knows the oil industry, only one to lead a government and had a 80 % approval rating. Plus we cannot have the same party control both the Congress and the Presidency or you will see the market really crash.

It’s simple, if you are a left wing Israeli, you would like Obama to win, since you are naïve to believe that if you give the Palestinians all they want, we will have peace, NO WAY! You can never give enough to people that believe in your extinction , I have been told by a Palestinian I worked with while I was living in Israel that one day, they will kick us all out of Israel.

If you are a right wing Israeli you want to make sure that we don’t put another Jimmy Carter as a president, Barak does not know about that other world that’s called fanatic Muslim, he is going to explor his own ways to handle the situation, and while he is negotiating with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the Bomb will be build and ready to go.

We need a swift leadership to handle the most important issue on this planet at this moment…… not the financial mess we’re in, the security of all the people on this planet, the economy will rise back up in any administration, one may do it different then another, but with the security of our people you can’t take a chance.

Imagine that Roosevelt did engage Germany in a war and took out Hitler before he did what he did, would the American then also be angry about the loss of life and wonder why did we go to another country to fight a war that is not ours, after all Hitler is just talking , he will not do anything…we can contain him..

And when you read the history, you find out that Roosevelt didn’t really care about the massacre that was taking place in Germany, and only later he realized that he had no choice and joined the war and saved us all.

Truly I’m not excited about any of the choices we got, I wish we had a better vice president, but we got to make a choice, and it needs to be determined by the most important issue on the line. [End]

Tamar Orvell said...

Anonymous #1 — Your quote from Adlai, on the awesome responsibility of the office of the USA presidency that smothers exultation and converts vanity to prayer.... brings to mind David Ben Gurion's diary entry shortly after the declaration of Israel's independence: In the country, there is jubilation and joy — and again I am a mourner among revelers... (He knew that within hours of their country's birth, the celebrants would be called to defend it from attacks on all its borders.)

Anonymous #2 — Thank you for sharing the video, and for copying here some of the comments you got back. While individual views often clash, our nation gains strength when we listen to each other.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... I think the only messages I got from this clip are that Obama has money (production of the clip), thinks that Jewish voice is important (Westren Wall, really??) and that there are some well known people in Israel who are willing to support him (wow, an actor talks in favor of Obama! I must vote for him!)
Thanks for your blog, Tamar, and a happy New Jewish Year.
Anonymous #3

Tamar Orvell said...

Anonymous #3 — Love hearing from you. Your point that the video is superficial is well taken. I agree. While it isn't directed to types like you (poring over data and assessing with the best of 'em), it aims to reassure people who repeat and stress about hearsay (with no substance) that "Obama is an anti-semite/Muslim (as though there is something intrinsically wrong with this faith community)/ terrorist/anti-American"/and so on. The video says, Chill. Israelis are cool with Obama; therefore you should be, too.

For voters whose feelings drive their decisions or who pass up careful research and evaluation, I'm OK with such voodoo-busting ads.