September 30, 2008

L'Shanah Tovah, Have a Happy New Year: May we all be like a head and not a tail.

With cousin Gila and Tal-Or, her eldest grandchild,
at a family wedding in Jerusalem (March 2006)
Rosh Hashanah, the New Year 5769 (2008). Meet first grader Tal-Or, my fifth guest blogger and Gila's granddaughter who lives in Tekoa with her parents, sister, and brother. Tal-Or loves arts and crafts, playing with her friends, helping her mother set the table, and cutting salad. Rosh Hashanah that begins this evening has been on Tal-Or's mind, as her email message to Gila shows. My English translation follows the Hebrew.

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 8:12 PM
Subject: סיפור לראש השנה

שלום לכולם,
צירפתי סיפור לברכה של ראש השנה.
שכולנו נהיה לראש ולא לזנב ושתהיה לנו שנה מתוקה
סיפור לראש השנה
כתבה: טלאור-מאירסון

בראש השנה היתי אצל סבתא. אמא הסיעה אותי ראשון והלכה לקחת את אבא. ראיתי איך סבתא עורכת שולחן. ראיתי איך היא מניחה תפוח. ראיתי איך היא מניחה דבש. ושסבתא רצתה לשים צלחות היא אמרה, דניאל רוצה לעזור לי לשים צלחות. אמרתי לא. אז סבתא באה אלי ואמרה, דניאל צריך לעשות מצוות לפני ראש השנה. שאלתי למה? אמרה סבתא שתהיה שנה טובה-ו-מתוקה. בסדר אמרתי. וסבתא אמרה, ילד-טוב הביא לי צלחות עוד הרבה דברים. ואז שגמרתי אמרתי גמרתי וסבתא באה ואמרה, איזה יופי דניאל. ערכת ממש יפה. ואז שמעתי דפיקה טוק-טוק. רצתי לפתוח את הדלת ומי עמד בפתח? אבא ואמא. נתתי להם חיבוק חזק ואז אמא שאלה, מי ערך את השולחן? עניתי, אני-אני בעצמי. אבא אמר לא יאומן וסבתא אמרה, יהיה לנו שנה-טובה ומתוקה.

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 8:12 PM
Subject: A story for Rosh Hashana

Shalom all,
I attached a story as a Rosh Hashana greeting.
May we all be like a head and not a tail, and may we have a sweet year.
A Story for Rosh Hashana
by Tal-Or Mayerson

On Rosh Hashana I was at Savta's [Grandma's]. Ima [Mommy] drove me there first and then went to get Abba [Daddy]. I saw how Savta sets the table. I saw how she places an apple. I saw how she places honey. And when Savta wanted to set the plates she said, Daniel wants to help me set the plates. I said, No. Then Savta came over to me and said, Daniel needs to do Mitzvot [good deeds] before Rosh Hashana. I asked, Why? Savta said, That we might have a good and sweet year. OK, I said. And Savta said, A good boy brought me plates [and] many more things. When I finished I said, I finished. And Savta came and said, Terrific Daniel, you really set [the table] nicely. And then I heard a knock-knock. I ran to open the door and who stood in the entrance? Daddy and Mommy. I gave them a big hug and then Mommy asked, Who set the table? I answered, I did, I did it by myself. Daddy said, Unbelievable, and Savta said, May we have a good and sweet year.

NOTE: After I read Tal-Or's story, I emailed Gila: "In the story, I understood that you invited Daniel to set the table so that he could do a Mitzva. Yet Tal-Or told her parents that she set the table. What am I missing here? And, this is THE Daniel [Tal-Or's uncle Noam's dear friend], right? Gila replied, "I called Tal-Or, and she said that Daniel is just a name, no one in particular. As to the story itself — I think that whatever we want to read into it is fine."

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Toby said...

Tamar - Shana Tova to you and yours. Hope it is a sweet year for you.

Tamar Orvell said...

Toby — How marvelous to read your sweet message! Wishing all good things for you this year!

Tamar Orvell said...

From Gila's recent email to me:

Shalom Tami,
I finally got to speak with Tal Or about her story (since then she has three more.) It turns out that the boy Daniel is telling the story about himself. She said she did not necessarily think about "our Daniel". This makes the story much simpler.
Good night,