October 05, 2009

Happy Dashain, Bhutanese Atlantans!

Tika affixed to our foreheads, we are enjoying the festival performances
This year, we the Bhutanese in Atlanta, will do a common program and worship celebrating Dashain that we hope will strengthen our unity we had.
— Pabitra Rizal, a Bhutanese community organizer

On the heels of the recent Hindu Teej festival that I attended as a guest of Atlanta's new Bhutanese neighbors, Dashain gallops in, a celebration of good triumphing over evil (the short version). To learn about the Bhutanese refugee community, visit Bhutan > Atlanta.

Watch the video (4:50 minutes).

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Kamalraj Dahal said...

Hi Tamar
Heartfull of thanks to you. The video and the wrting was superb..
I love you a lot.

Tamar Orvell said...

Ditto to you, Kamal (a video star;-) and to your amazing family (including Pabrita and your mom, both video stars, too!;-) May all your family members and entire community continue to go from strength to strength.

Dror said...

Dear Tammy!
Happy Sukkoth

They look lovely these kids
It's revealing and touching
It's good to realize that there's some sanity in this world.


Norma said...

Hi Tamar, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog post. You never cease to amaze me. You have a special gift for finding the soul of a people and bringing it out. Yasher Koach and L'Shana Tovah


Anonymous said...

I've said before, Tamar, and you've demurred, but here I go again, I admire you so much for your caring involvement with the Bhutanese.

JeSais said...

what a beautiful reminder of the importance of community. Thank you for sharing this....