September 25, 2009

Shanah Tovah! Country on a String: comedy toward dialog and change

I have been seeking a timely message this Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year 5770. And, finally, with a Stetson-size hat tip to Checkpoint Jerusalem, I saw this birth announcement of twins, Humor and Hope, delivered by The Palestinian Saturday Night Live Version.

Watch the promo video here (4:31 minutes).

It's a Palestinian comedy shown on Palestinian TV, featuring Palestinian creators poking fun at themselves, each other, their lives, and sometimes desperate circumstances. In the tradition of the world's great self-mockers, this team is helping to beat depression, anger, even injustice in delivering its black-humor-laced episodes. And remedies are implied when not stated outright.

Laughing at myself helps lift me. And, usually, I find, in the laughing, roads leading to hope, change, and betterment.

This 5750, I salute my brave Palestinian cousins who pick up pens, not guns, and who look within and without in a bid for lightening and lighting the long way ahead for us all.

L'Shanah Tovah, Have a Happy New Year 5770!

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