March 22, 2016

In South Tel Aviv: Children of foreign workers, asylum seekers and Israelis celebrate Purim

Costumed twins during events marking the Jewish holiday Purim.
Photo credit: Reuters
Happy Purim! These magnificent children join Purim festival joyous traditions — wacky costumes, parades, performances.

Applause and praise for their dedicated teachers at the famed inner-city Bialik-Rogozin School in South Tel Aviv and their Israeli and international friends, tutors, health and legal professionals, hi-tech companies and other businesses and individuals who understand that —

"There is only one man in the world and his name is All Men.
There is only one women in the world and her name is All Women.
There is only one child in the world and the child's name is All Children."

— Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) American poet, writer, editor

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